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The Waterfalls of Western North Carolina

Photography by Robert W. Cauley

Waterfalls are magically attractive. They inspire awe and fascination by their power, beauty, and sometimes surprising gentleness. My experiences in finding and photographing these waterfalls has given me a special appreciation for this beautiful land here in Appalachia.

You can see all the waterfalls (so far) from the left column page menu selections. The waterfalls are listed  in alphabetical order on the menu bar.

I set out just to find and photograph these waterfalls, but along the way, I found so much more - both in the surroundings of the country during my hikes and the positive effects it lent to my own attitude of living.  There's an old addage around here that goes:  "altitude affects attitude" - and that's the truth!  The forests, wildlife, flowers, vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and of course - the magical waterfalls.

I began this web site as a way to share my experiences in finding and photographing the waterfalls of Western North Carolina.  It is still a work in progress!  There will be many more waterfalls to be listed in the future - so if you like this presentation, please bookmark this site for future reference and come back often because I'll be adding more waterfalls photos as they are realized.

I hope you enjoy the photos. I enjoyed taking them and there's an adventure story behind each and every one of them.  My favorite waterfalls so far are White Owl Falls and Crabtree Falls.  My most memorable experience was the dangerous and strenuous climb into and out of the steep rocky gorge to photograph Yellowstone Falls.

All the photographs can be purchased in 8" x 10" archival quality high resolution prints with double white mats in an 11" x 14" frame.

Your support will be greatly appreciated to help me continue this quest.  I am not a professional photographer - I am just an amateur with a passion for photographing this magnificient land of Appalachia.

If you have any comments, please email me at:  If you'd like to share your comments on this site, please indicate in your email your permission to publish your comments here.  This is a new site, so when a few comments are received with publishing permission, we'll put up a "Comments" page.

I want to thank Kevin Adams for his book, North Carolina Waterfalls - A hiking and photography guide.

North Carolina Waterfalls by Kevin Adams

My wife bought me his book ( the 1st edition) several years ago as a birthday present.  Soon afterward, I took off one early morning with all my camera gear to find and photograph a waterfall.  I've been hooked ever since.   Thank you Helen and Kevin.  Your book has been responsible for many unforgettable experiences in these Appalachian mountains.  I highly recommend his book to anyone interested in finding these waterfalls in North Carolina for themselves.

Enjoy and please come back soon.

All photographs © 2011 by the photographer, Robert Cauley.  All rights reserved.  You may not copy, download, save, duplicate, email, or employ any method of usage of these photographs without the explicit written consent of the photographer.




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More Photos are Coming --

Bob Cauley continues to explore this beautiful land, so bookmark our site and visit again soon.

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About The Waterfalls
Batson Creek Falls
Bird Rock Falls
Bridal Veil Falls
Cathey's Creek Falls
Cove Creek Cascades
Cove Creek Cascades 2
Cove Creek Crossing
Cove Creek Falls
Cove Creek Side
Crabtree Falls
Crabtree Falls 2
Cullasaja Falls
Cullasaja River Cascades
Davidson River Cascade
Dill Falls
Drift Falls
Dry Falls 1
Dry Falls 2
Eastatoe Falls
Flat Laurel Creek Cascades
French Broad River Falls 1
French Broad River Falls 2
Glen Falls
Grave Yard Fields Lower Falls 1
Grave Yard Fields Lower Falls 2
Grave Yard Fields Lower Falls 3
Grave Yard Fields Upper Falls
Hickory Nut Falls 1
Hickory Nut Falls 2
High Falls
Hooker Falls 1
Hooker Falls 2
Little Bradley Falls
Looking Glass Falls 1
Looking Glass Falls 2
Looking Glass Falls 3
Moore Cove Falls
North Fork French Broad River Cascade
Pearson's Falls
Rainbow Falls
Shoal Creek Cascade
Shoal Creek Cascade 2
Shunkawauken Falls
Slick Rock Falls 1
Slick Rock Falls 2
Sliding Rock
Tom's Spring Branch Cascade
Tom's Spring Falls
Triple Falls
Triple Falls Lower Cascade
Triple Falls Middle Cascade
Triple Falls Upper Cascade
Turtle Back Falls 1
Turtle Back Falls 2
White Owl Falls
Whitewater Falls
Whitewater Falls Lower Cascade
Whitewater Falls Upper Cascade
Yellowstone Falls
Autumn At Lone Bald Overlook
Big Ridge Overlook
Buck Spring Valley
Chimney Rock
Cowee Mountains Sunset
Craggy Gardens Overlook
Hickory Nut Gorge From Lake Lure
Lone Bald Overlook Light Show
Lone Bald Overlook 2
Lone Bald Overlook 3
Looking Glass Rock
Pounding Mill Overlook
Rough Butt Bald Overlook
Rough Butt Bald Overlook 2